Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Additions to Website

I've added a couple of links for podcasted listening materials, Breaking News and Podcards. Both have mp3 listening with worksheets and transcripts, so you can use them for reading as well as listening. It would be nice to think in this mp3 oriented world that someone would produce some listening materials tied in to the Literacy Core Curriculum and made freely available.

I also like the class Mnemonics Sheet from Stella Jales at Wiltshire College, hosted by Maggie Harnew on her excellent Resource Centre. I have a few collected on Topics on the CCM site. I use them regularly in my teaching and new ideas are welcome. I don't usually link paper-based resources, but Topics lists a few that are available over the web.

The Canterbury Cross numeracy programs are executable files (.exe) so they may create some difficulties to run on some networks. I find they run straight off the links in IE6, but not in Firefox 2.0, and they may come in useful. Area is Level 2, while Fractions has a nice game for percentage quantities of money, and Round It is Level 1. I'll need to look right through them and see if I can make direct links for the activities page; it depends on what the issue is with Firefox.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Website - GCSE Maths Help

I've added a link to Keith Burnett's GCSE Maths help, which I should have linked before but neglected to. Keith's podcasts and videos are of interest, and one or two have direct relevance to numeracy teaching:
YouTube does have one or two other videos of relevance, and certainly there is a lot of potential here. I need to find a way of putting these sorts of link on a page. They are not interactive, of course, but they will create interest and offer varied learning styles.