Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Website - GCSE Maths Help

I've added a link to Keith Burnett's GCSE Maths help, which I should have linked before but neglected to. Keith's podcasts and videos are of interest, and one or two have direct relevance to numeracy teaching:
YouTube does have one or two other videos of relevance, and certainly there is a lot of potential here. I need to find a way of putting these sorts of link on a page. They are not interactive, of course, but they will create interest and offer varied learning styles.


pete said...

Hi Chris
Adding video and audio embedded in the page - I think that's what one of your comments is about. It works effortlessly in Moodle and I'd be surprised if there's not a way to do it with blogger. Anything on the tool bar when you are writing that looks hopeful? I use edblog.org which has these features.

Chris Jackson said...

I realize you can do it but haven't tried it yet. You can embed YouTube videos too and YouTube encourages you to do this, in the way that Keith has done on his blog. I've always wanted to have activities open up in a new window. I am also concerned about the longevity of YouTube videos.