Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blogs and Wikis for Literacy

These thoughts come from reading Doug Belshaw's blog here. This post led me to his class wiki, the class blog roll, and a discussion of how this works in practice. Reading all three in conjunction is fruitful.

I can certainly see a literacy class, where the class materials are on one page - a wiki, and where the student writing is on a set of others - blogs. Moodle certainly has the set up to do this, but the wiki approach is more straightforward and more easily customisable, and the learners might prefer to be in a more public (and more neutral) space. I'll have a go in Moodle and see if I can make it look right. The problem Doug Belshaw has is where to store the blogs, but with a smaller literacy class each student could have a Blogger account.

I also liked Doug's recent post on Hitting the Wall, talking about wanting innovate as with elearning but finding a brick wall - cue nice illustrations. This is just as relevant in FE as in Secondary School. He doesn't talk about demotivated (and confused) staff though, maybe that only happens in FE.


Doug Belshaw said...

Hi Chris,

I'm glad you're finding my blog posts and what I'm doing with my students interesting! I have tried to use Moodle before - albeit a couple of years ago - but felt a bit too restricted by it.

So long as you link the tools used by students together, at a central place (e.g. the teacher's website/blog) then everything works pretty well. Students can just use their email address or the same username coupled with the same password for everything used in that class. :-)

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