Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Busy, Support Materials

I seem to have been busy this term, but it has surprised me to find it is almost 3 months since anything has been added here or since a proper update of the website. I have added one or two links and today's update is only because there are a couple of outstanding sites I have come across in the past couple of days. See next post.

My online energies have been taken up with learning materials for additional learning support. Anyone who has looked will have realised that there is nothing out there. I have therefore been trying to write some, designed to run in Moodle when tutors are teaching alongside curriculum teachers. The key word is differentiation. I'm trying to use video with quizzes at different levels.

In the meantime I keep searching for something useful for the site. The only link I know of value is inevitably Maggie Harnew, who has a page of contextualised resources on her wonderful site.

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