Friday, April 25, 2008

Literacy Blogs

I've been reviewing the current state of literacy blogs, after 18 months of writing this. I haven't found a lot to add to previous findings but it is all listed on the blog page. It is good to report that blogs are being written at all and read of course. There is a cluster of blogs in Canada, a couple in the US and one or two others. There remains only one significant current blog for literacy writers, but I kid myself that there are others which are not publicly listed. Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes and I enjoy reading personal tales as well as posts focusing on being a teacher.

Readers not familiar with the format of blogging will benefit from subscribing to RSS feeds and displaying these. There are a number of different ways of doing this. I like the look and feel of Google Reader and this is usually reviewed well. For myself I use Pageflakes and would find life online difficult without that application. I have put some of these current literacy blogs on the published Skills for Life Pageflakes page I have made, so anyone interested can see how easy it is to scan RSS feeds.

There are a lot more ESOL blogs and many of these are of interest. Over the next couple of weeks I will sort and consider these.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Sorry, I mean to offer a copy of my study on blogs to you, as you very kindly agreed to let me cite yours. Would you like a copy ?


Susan Lee Kerr said...

Dear Chris, I read about your blog in Keiths InTuition article, had a look at his, yours etc and have been in touch with him. I hope it is okay that I have mentioned your blog in my blog, and wonder if you might be interested in looking at and maybe listing mine New to blogging I now realise I should've asked your permission to list yours. My angle is cr wrtg to adults, but it might be useful to some sfl teaching. Regards, Susan Lee Kerr

Chris Jackson said...

Hi Susan
Of course it's OK. I understand the etiquette, though I don't think the net would have got very far, or blogging taken off, if every link was agreed first by email or comment. I'll explore your blog more when I find time. Chris