Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Read The Words

I've added a link to Read the Words to the Dyslexia Resources page on the Skills for Life Website. I know that dyslexic people sometimes use or are recommended software to turn text into speech. This is a free version and might be attractive if you don't want to use it a lot. I find the slurs between words difficult sometimes, but a dyslexic student pointed out that you have to learn to use software like this so that you become used to its peculiarities; I don't need to use it so I am not a good judge. Just don't try to read a web page from the url; cut and paste the text instead. I can see how this could be a really useful tool.

Another purpose of the site is to embed speech on your web page, so here goes.

It sounds pretty good to me, though I did have to switch to Internet Explorer to get the embedding to work.

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John Hayes said...

Thanks for the read the words link. I made recordings for 10 pages of my site . As my site is for visual dyslexics it should prove to be a help.